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IMG_0947Below you will find links to different sites that support the efforts we are doing to create an effective Youth Development Community.  A community like this model is a needed platform for helping youth and improving the quality of family life.

Quality Mentoring Programs Strengthen Youth-Parent Relationships

Here you will find a link to a study that shows a connection between mentoring and the impact it has on youth/parent relationships…Read about the study here.

Beyond the Nuclear Family

In this interview article two social scientist have an interview conversation about the impact extended family plays in supporting the welfare and psychological resilience of each other. In many ways the Youth Development Community model we have creates similar layers of support the way extended family provides…Read the interview here. 

Asset Community Based Development

In many ways our Youth Development Community is reflective of Asset Community Base Development philosophy…Read about what that is here.

Building Social Capital

One of the most practical outcomes that benefit those involved with a Youth Development Community is that it serves as an effective platform to build Social Capital around the primary topic of “How to Strengthen Families”.  Hence an effective Youth Development Community, facilitated by FamilyWorks adds exponential value to whatever community at large it happens to be located.  Robert Putnam is the author of two books that address the topic of Social Capital. The first is “Bowling Alone” where he surveys the decline of Social Capital and the other is “Better Together” which give examples of innovative civic groups and organizations around the United States who are renewing their communities by building Social Capital despite the influences which cause its decline…. 

Washington, DC – The Saguaro Seminar issued the report Better Together, calling for a nationwide campaign to redirect a downward spiral of civic apathy. Warning that the national stockpile of “social capital” – our reserve of personal bonds and fellowship – is seriously depleted, the report outlines the framework for sustained, broad-based social change to restore America’s civic virtue….Learn more about the Report Here.




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