Monthly Outings

DSCN0745Once a month, Abide, and Lions of Judah get out into the world for a half day, all day, or overnight activity. These usually happen on weekends when youth are out of school. However, summer time and other school breaks can open the schedule to allow weekday outings.

The following describes the purpose and goals of having Weekly Meetings: 

Physical Adventure: These excursions come in many forms ranging from cycling, hiking, camping, service projects, and so on. Each outing always incorporate learning in some way. For example, a trip to a pool is more than a time to just swim. It can be blended into increased awareness on the duties of a life guard, the science behind the PH levels of the water, or the nature of buoyancy.

Advanced Group Dynamics: Outings need to be planned, organized, and implemented by the adult and youth members. This kind of collaboration sheds light on the Core Values, particularly Interdependence. Monthly activities are not designed to simply be entertaining, but are great opportunities to teach people how to effectively work together.

IMG_1041Teachable Moments: Another valuable quality Monthly Outings provides to the YDC is the ability to discuss behavioral patterns as they happen. We call this the teachable moment. Relying on weekly meetings to give these kind of opportunities reduces those chances significantly. The reason for this is because it’s easier for people to control their behaviors for two hours at a weekly meeting than it is on a long trip of 10 or more hours. Don’t be surprised or discouraged when you get many teachable moments. These moments shed light on the Core Values, particularly the value of Leverage. Youth Leaders love the teachable moments because just one of those are more effective to influence behavioral change than a thousand abstract discussions.

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