cropped-IMG_1998.jpgFamilyWorks! Ministries offers free workshops that invite people an opportunity to pause and reflect on their personal relationships in life. These workshops are often for strengthening marriage relationships and sharpening parenting skills, but can also help anyone who wants to build or maintain healthy resilient relationships.

Why? Because We Want Your Story to be a Story of Breakthrough and Not a Story of Breakdown!

Our Workshop speakers and facilitator are  MA, Doctoral-level, or professional experts packing in lots of great information into a convenient two-hour format. Whether you are brand new to parenthood, newlyweds, been married a while and need a ‘tune up” , preparing for a family of your own one day, or you just want to know how to support a struggling friend – please, joins us for any of these opportunities.

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Order A Workshop For Your Group or Organization

Workshops1FamilyWorks has put a catalog of past workshop that we have offered and  have made them available for you.  Now a business, organization, or church can select any one of the topics from our catalog of workshops to help Encourage, Equip, and Empower their people to have stronger families!  For this service, all we ask is that you make a donation to FamilyWorks based on what you can afford and feel is a reasonable price for the value of what you received.

Click here to view the Family Development Workshops Catalog. To get information about any of the workshops you can contact Jon Sullivan by emailing him –

Familylife7_HawkGirls WORKSHOP SCHEDULE for 2017-18

All Workshops begin at 10 am, check-in starts at 9:45. Lunch will be provided for all participants at noon right after the Workshop.

July 8, 2017  –  Not So Newly Wed Game

This annual event is quickly becoming a classic. Once per year FamilyWorks! Ministries invites married couples to put their knowledge of each other to the test as they compete against other couples. This is a fun way to kick off the 2017-18 Workshop season! Childcare and lunch provided for everyone.

September 9, 2017  –   Finding Balance

We all wear a number of hats in this life making it difficult to maintain healthy relationships. So often we get caught up in one aspect of our lives that the other parts suffer. Is there a way to strike a good balance in life? We’re excited to welcome Rebecca Lomeland as a our guest speaker to tackle this difficult subject.

November 18, 2017  –  The Roles we Play

Do you feel stuck in relationship patterns that seem to go nowhere? Do arguments feel like reruns? If so, join FamilyWorks as we discuss ways to unmask our roles and look at new healthier ways of managing relational stress and anxiety. We are welcoming Sarah Ward to lead us in this important topic.

January 13, 2018  –  How to Fight, WELL, in Marriage

There is no substitute to establishing healthy ways to navigate through our feelings of opposing views. To piggyback on our last topic, FamilyWorks welcomes Dr. Jessica Taylor who will be discussing practical ways to be honest with how we feel with each other, while at the same time protecting the marriage relationship.

March 10, 2018  –  Living in Community

We all live in community, but what does that mean? Joel Hawk wants to explore why we need community in both body and spirit. The relationships we make spin this web that we are a part of. What role do you play and how might you be able to expand your perspective?

May 12, 2018  –  Dealing with Angry Boys

FamilyWorks welcomes Aynsley Silva, an expert on the topic of how to interact with and effectively deal with young men who struggle with aggressive, and inappropriate social interactions. This is an excellent discussion, not only for parents, but for those of us dealing with struggling youth in our daily lives.

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