Advocates for Life

footballThe Advocates for Life element meets the individual development needs of the youth who are members in either Abide or Lions of Judah. In this program element, a youth are paired with a trained adult to help coach them through a 5-6 week curriculum. In that time frame, youth self find an area of their life they think they would like to explore or address.

The following describes the purpose and goals of having Advocates for Life:

Personal Assessment: This process helps youth look at their lives in an intentional way. As a result, it takes on a very customized approach that challenges youth and families to become more aware of the areas in their life that matter most to them.

Advanced Problem Solving: This process teaches youth and families skills to be able to “Listen Well” to their behavioral patterns. The Tools of the YDC  are applied heavily in this kind of problem solving. It also, introduces and reinforces all the Core Values, helping youth and families to apply them to their lives in practical ways.

Engages Parents: Advocates for Life, honors the parental role in the development of the youth, by intentionally reaching out to the parent/guardian and invites them into the mentoring process.

IMG_0678Advocates for Life – Readiness

An important note to consider before Advocates for Life is available to a youth. The following steps need to be addressed in order for a youth to benefit the most from what this Program Element offers:

  1. There are different stages of engagement a youth operates from when they are in the mentoring process. We feel that Advocates for Life is most effective if a youth is at, what we call, the Goal Oriented Stage.
  2. It’s also important to have the parent/guardian on board in advance before the process of Advocates for Life They play an important role and orientation opportunities are available to help them understand what will be expected of them. Youth with parents/guardians who won’t participate does not disqualify the youth. The important part is that an effort is made to engage the parent/guardian.
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