Lions of Judah

Lions-of-Judah-3C-purpleLions of Judah Mentoring Group

Lions of Judah is an inter-generational sub-community of the Youth Development Community, with the purpose of mentoring boys, ages 10-18. The members of this community are engaged in an effort to have healthy, loving, and resilient relationships—with an emphasis on becoming a man of character. This group is a structured space for that process to happen.

Lions of Judah’s Vision

To see boys realize the influence they have with others. We want to see them use that influence to be servant leaders, within their families and in society. That they embrace the faith to live with vision, purpose, and confidence in God’s will.

Lions of Judah’s Mission

To Encourage, Equip, and Empower the members of this group to be:

Relationally Safe: Trustworthy, Patient, Self Control, Responsible, Loving, Respectful, Integrity, and Compassionate are good example attributes of a man who is being Relationally Safe in his family and community.

Confident: Brave, Prepared, Hopeful, Vision, Humble, Emotionally Secure, and Vulnerable are good example attributes of a man who is behaving Confidently in his family and community.

Present: Intentional, Aware, Encouraging, Accountable, Informed, Hard working, Appreciative, and Serving are good example attributes of a man who is being Present in his family and community.

Aiming Towards Manhood

If you’re going to aim at something you have to know what it is. Is there anything more confusing than trying to figure out what is means to be a man? For better or worse, throughout history, men have had a lot of influence, particularly in the lives of their families. When men do this well it is a beautiful thing, but when they don’t, as you can imagine, it’s not so pretty.

Lions of Judah becomes a great space for boys and men to learn, rehearse, and carry out the kind of influence that will enhance the quality of life of every relationship they come in contact with.






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