abide_web header_edited-1Abide is an inter-generational sub-community of the Youth Development Community with the purpose of mentoring girls ages 10-18. The members of this sub-community are engaged in an effort at learning how to have healthy, loving, and resilient relationships—with an emphasis on becoming women of character. As a result, this group is designed to become a structured space for that process to happen.

Our Vision

To see girls who are aware of their intrinsic, created value and inner beauty. We want to see them embrace their God-given worth and confidence allowing them to become the women society so desperately needs.

Our Mission


To Encourage, Equip, and Empower the members of this group to:

protect the hearts, minds, souls and lives of girls by being in community. We will stand together, encourage one another and hold each other accountable.

cultivate the gifts and abilities God has given each girl through various activities and outings.

renew the hearts of girls through intentional mentoring relationships and empower them to develop into women who are rooted and able to stand firm in truth.

Aiming Toward Womanhood

As girls grow up in society there is a tremendous amount of pressure on them to be all things to all people and look gracefully beautiful doing it. Oddly, for as much as they’re asked to do, such as, be a wife, mother, manage the home, and have a career, they are routinely objectified.

Abide becomes a great space for girls and women to learn, rehearse, and guard themselves from those external pressures.

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