Youth Development Community

What is a Youth Development Community?


A FamilyWorks Youth Development Community is a collection of people associated with our Abide and Lions of Judah youth mentoring programs. These include all the registered youth, the parents/families of those youth, the Mentors/Staff of those programs, the Family Development Team of FamilyWorks, and any other vested people connected to the youth in those groups.

This community exists to Encourage, Equip, and Empower youth by strengthening each family and person within it, to have healthy, loving, and resilient relationships.

When youth join one of our mentoring groups the families of those youth are joining the community too.

This type of community not only aims to help youth grow and mature, but each person helps youth by aiming to seeking the faith to be the person they were created to be. In other words, members of this community are asking themselves; how do I embrace manhood or womanhood?; parenthood?; marriage?; grand parenthood? mentor-ship?

In a Youth Development Community, people work in a collaborative and proactive manner that equips all its participants to have healthy family relationships. They are intentional about learning and looking for opportunities for their families to become the most resilient families they can be.

What is the purpose of a Youth Development Community?

A Youth Development Community is a program model designed to help people live with purpose and lead with vision in their personal relationships.

We do this by teaching skills that increase our awareness of the influential factors that impact our relationships. Learning to identify these factors and use that information in a meaningful way to build healthy, loving, and resilient personal relationships is a process we call, learning to “Listen Well!”


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