cropped-IMG_1998.jpgFamilyWorks! Ministries offers free workshops for strengthening marriage relationships and sharpening parenting skills. Why? Because strong families mean strong communities! Each workshop is offered by a professional in his/her field to make sure high quality and practical application.

Our Workshop speakers and facilitator are MA and Doctoral-level experts packing in lots of great information into a convenient two-hour format. The price is free ensuring anyone can benefit. We also offer scholarships to other programs we have partnerships with for those desiring more help. Whether you are brand new to parenthood, newlyweds, been married a while and need a ‘tune up” , preparing for a family of your own one day, or you’re just want to know how to support a struggling friend – please, joins us for any of these opportunities.

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Workshops1FamilyWorks has put a catalog of past workshop that we have offered and  have made them available for you.  Now a business, organization, or church can select any one of the topics from our catalog of workshops to help Encourage, Equip, and Empower their people to have stronger families!  For this service, all we ask is that you make a donation to FamilyWorks based on what you can afford and feel is a reasonable price for the value of what you received.

Click here to view the Family Development Workshops Catalog. To get information about any of the workshops you can contact Jon Sullivan by emailing him –

Familylife7_HawkGirls WORKSHOP SCHEDULE for 2014-15

All Workshops begin at 10 am, check-in starts at 9:45. Lunch will be provided for all participants at noon right after the Workshop.

July 19th, 2014  The 2nd Annual Not So Newly Wed Game

FamilyWorks! Ministries is excited to host the 2nd annual Not So Newly Wed Game July 19th. Come join the fun and watch married couples show how well they know their spouses.

September 20th, 2014 Transitioning to Adulthood

What’s the best way to tell your parents that the parenting years are over and the mentoring years have begun? Join us as we discuss the process of helping parents grapple with the knowledge that their child has grown up. If you are a young adult and you want to learn better ways to help your parents let go join us at this workshop.

November 22nd, 2014 Marriage-Killers

The best offense is a good defense. Join us as we discuss the need for proactive vigilance to keep our marriages protected and fulfilling. Guest speaker Jessica Taylor.

January 24, 2015   Parenting the difficult child

Are you frustrated that your little Johnny doesn’t behave as your little Janey does? Is there a way to manage behavioral issues while still coming across with the fruits of the spirit? Join us as we tackle this issue that parents can face.

March 21st, 2015– Family Gardening

The family who weeds together stays together. Join us as we kick off the growing season with a presentation by Grant Wartnik as they introduce Eden gardening ending in an invitation to get your own family involved in a garden for the 2015 growing season.

May 16th, 2015– Limits to Success

Have you ever felt STUCK? Maybe you need to lose weight or get out of debt. Whatever that area is, you experience success for a little while, but you continue to have setback after setback. Perhaps there are even important relationships in your life that seem stuck too. It could be with  a spouse, a parent or in-law, a child, or even a boss or co-worker.

You WANT to change, you NEED to change, but you DON’T!

If you’re tired of Fixes that Fail, then Limits to Success is a must for you. At this workshop you’ll get introduced to strategies that will make your change efforts 10 times more likely to find successes that last!

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