Our Youth Development Principles


To Embrace the Role of Parents

We believe in creating a program for youth that respects and honors their parents. Parents are invited to engage as partners in the development of youth. We feel the greatest success a youth can have with our program comes from parents who engage beyond giving their youth permission to participate.

To Foster Spiritual Growth

We believe in creating a program that has a healthy Christ-Centered atmosphere for spiritual

  • A place where people feel safe to be themselves (even if their faith is not Christian).
  • A place that uses scripture wisely by applying it at teachable moments to help youth see the relevance of it in their everyday life.
  • A place that is free of social pressure for spiritual transformation – Allowing the Spirit of God freedom to work on individual hearts.

To Equip Youth

We believe in creating a program that teaches youth a wide variety of skills. Among these are social & emotional skills, teamwork, communication, career development, and life skills. This is done to build their confidence and equip them for adulthood.

To Create Gender Specific Programming

We believe in creating a program that addresses the gender specific needs of youth. How youth engage in life – socially and emotionally – is different based on gender. We also believe there is value in co-ed programming but the improper ratio of time spent on one or the other can cause important needs to go unmet in the development of youth.

To Set High Standards

We believe in creating a program where creative excellence is fostered. Failure is viewed as a learning opportunity when it is accompanied with genuine effort. As our youth wrestle with evaluating where they land on a continuum between excellence and mediocrity; we aim to meet them with supportive adults who will provide them with accountability and encouragement.

To Create Youth – Adult Partnerships

We believe in creating a program that is intentional at inviting youth to engage in partnerships with adults. Often programs are targeted AT or FOR youth, but we strive to build our program WITH youth.

To Develop Youth

Keeping youth busy is important but we’re not relying on that alone to fully develop them into mature adults. We believe in creating a program that treats youth as whole people who need to develop their Body, Mind, and Spirit.


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