Key Male Camp Out

The Key Male Camp Out

June 10-11th • Camp Currie, Camas WA • 2016






Boys Need The Important Men In Their Lives

Is there a boy in your life that you want to see grow up into a responsible man one day? Maybe a son, grandson, nephew, or someone you’re mentoring? If so, then save the date and join us at the next Key Male Camp Out!

The Key Male Camp Out is an event that Lions of Judah and FamilyWorks! Ministries host each year.  The main purpose of this event is to create space to facilitate healthy relationships between boys and the important men in their lives. Hence, we call this event, the “Key Male Camp!”

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What Past Participants Say

 “I got to hang and take time with my sons and I was able to find some important strengths that I have seen in my boys this year. I also love that I was able to commit myself this coming year to some faith promises to my boys. I loved the Male Camp Out and look forward for next year.”  Joe Franco, Father of two sons


“My good friend Patrick invited me and he has impacted me the whole time I’ve known him. Being with him at the Key Male Camp was a great way to see where he came from and learn how he became a man.”  Joey Alfanso, College Student

“My dad wasn’t at the camp with me, but at the campfire where the men speak to the boys, one of the Lions of Judah men spoke to me…and it made me feel encouraged and connected to the group.”  15 year old Lions of Judah Member

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