What is GoodSearch?

  • GoodSearch is a search engine like Google that is powered by Yahoo. When organizations like FamilyWorks! registers with GoodSearch individuals can download a toolbar to their Internet homepage and make FamilyWorks a recipient of a donation with every search they make automatically.  Every time these individuals conduct a web search, a penny is donated to the non-profit of their choice!
  • Once you download the toolbar you will learn that you can donate even more money to FamilyWorks by shopping online.  This is called GoodShop and when you click on a link of one of the many businesses found in the GoodShop section of the GoodSearch home page, you can purchase products or services and a percentage of your purchase will be donated to FamilyWorks. Its that easy!
  • Recently GoodSearch added another great way to donate money to FamilyWorks. They call it GoodDining and if individuals register a debit card or credit card, then when that card is used at a participating restaurant a percentage of the purchase is donated to FamilyWorks. There are many restaurants in the Portland area who are participating and everyday more are joining.  You can look up which restaurants are participating or ask your local favorite to join and then each time you dine, you will be giving money to help FWM accomplish it’s mission! Click here GoodDining to learn more about how to register your card.
  • These programs make giving to FWM so easy and painless! All you have to do is make that download happen and select FamilyWorks as your non-profit of choice!  From there check out the participating businesses, whether shopping online or eating out on the town and you are on your way to donating funds to an organization like FamilyWorks who is working hard to help make North Portland a place where families thrive!