Sustaining Partnerships

Who are Sustaining Partners?

Partners are people who understand the mission and vision of FamilyWorks! Ministries in their hearts and are willing to invest time, energy, and resources to see it come to fruition.

Once you see the need and you understand how FamilyWorks is playing a role in helping families GROW STRONGER –  It’s easy to get involved!

One important role for Partners is being a knowledgeable ambassador of the mission and vision of FamilyWorks. To have each Partner tuned in well enough to know what, when, and why we are doing this work is a powerful asset that can fill our community with hope for stronger families!

Partners can also volunteer for special events, join committees, join the board of directors, volunteer for the ongoing work within any of our current programs, help set up new programs, and raise funds to support FamilyWorks! Ministries. You have all kinds of assets that can help build stronger families.

Financially this work takes a committed funding base. You would be joining that base. No gift is too small because, as our donor base grows, our capacity to impact the lives of people grows too.  Collectively we are powerful and together we can make a big impact.

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