Bottle Collection Fund

Bottefund The Problem 

Perhaps you are like many who dread having to stand in line to turn in bottles or cans that yield a redeemable deposit. To wait in a short line can take an hour of time as you watch someone with a heaping shopping cart stick in one bottle at a time. Inevitably the machine breaks down, perhaps even more than once, increasing the time you have to spend there waiting for a courtesy clerk to arrive and solve the jam up. All that for $2-$4…even the government won’t let people work for a wage like that!

The Solution 

Avoid the sticky smell and the long lines! As a nonprofit organization, FamilyWorks! Ministires can turn in large amounts of cans in bulk at a bottle processing plant here in Portland.

Why not let us deal with the mess? 

By giving your cans and bottles to us you not only save yourself time and inconvenience, but you are helping us fund our mission.

The Power of Leverage! 

Leverage can take a small seemingly meaningless action and give the power to make bigger things happen. So what can 40 cans or bottles per month accomplish when multiplied by leverage?

• 40 cans or bottles per month that have a deposit of .05 cents = $2

• $2 x 200 people willing to donate their cans to FamilyWorks per month = $400

• $400 x 12 months = $4,800 per year!

The Impact ! 

At FamilyWorks we are able to provide 2000 hours of mentoring to over 15 youth for that amount of funding. Those hours provide weekly meetings and outings each month that equip each youth with life skills, leadership development, and social skills. Those activities help prepare them in their daily interactions with their current family and the ones they will most likely lead themselves one day.

How to Participate! 

1. You can participate by registering below and submitting it to FamilyWorks.

2. We will send you a FamilyWorks Bottle Fund refrigerator magnet that you can place in a convenient location. 

3. Call us when you have a bag of cans or bottles, and we will schedule a time to come pick it up.


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