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“One of the greatest gifts you can give your children is a healthy marriage. The marriage relationship is the ‘potting soil’ in which your children grow. Are you doing all you can to ensure they are getting the best growth environment possible? Make it a priority to take advantage of FamilyWorks! Ministries marriage and parenting enrichment workshops. These are presented by qualified professionals in the marriage and family field and are designed to be as practical as possible. Many of the concepts and skills you learn can be applied moments after you receive them. Invest in your children by investing in your marriage.”

– Jon Sullivan, MA.MFT


“My wife & I received some very useful information regarding our communication with one another. We really looked at how much we were actually holding back, [hiding] our honest feelings of what hurts or irritates us…”

– Brian Temple


“The marriage workshop on communication was very helpful for my husband and I in several different ways. The first one being that we do communicate very well with each other, and it was nice to hear we were doing something right. We also learned there were areas we both need to work on. We need to make sure we always come to each other when somethings wrong, and not going to other people. In a marriage, you should always go to you husband/wife with anything that’s bothering you. A lot of times, if you go to them first, things turn out much better. Last, but not least, always put God first in your marriage. My husband and I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone that is married or getting married, no matter how long you’ve been together. This workshop will either teach you a ton of new things or be a great refresh on what you already know.”

– Jamie Benson

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