About Us

FamilyWorks! Ministries is a faith based organization whose mission is to walk in partnership with families in order to Encourage, Equip, and Empower them in their relationships with each other


BlackandWhiteMultigenerationalHandsAt FamilyWorks! Ministries we use a faith-based approach that believes families are inherently created to succeed. As a result, we are committed to developing and implementing effective ways that support families as a whole system rather than as individuals.

We believe all families, whatever condition they are in, can benefit from the encouragement we offer as we walk in partnership with them. Along the way we will equip each family with the skills that strengthen them to fulfill the vision of their mission as a family.




Why Have FamilyWorks?

IMG_7935When families struggle in their relationships the results have a profound effect on the fiscal and mental health of our communities too. A study published by Dr Richard Land examined these effects in an article titled, “The Taxpayer Costs of Divorce and Unwed Childbearing”. In the article he detailed the financial costs to society resulting from the breakdown of marriages. The study calculates the financial costs alone to be at least $112 billion dollars a year; those costs being the expenses associated with healthcare, criminal justice, welfare and lost income-tax revenue. That means the breakdown of marriages has cost our country almost $1.1 trillion dollars over the past decade.

Divorce has played a major role in disrupting the family unit. Other factors like the death of a parent, foster parenting, grandparents having to act as primary care givers, and single parenting are also changing the social dynamics of families. However, the role families play in the socialization of their children, the economic strength of a community, and the emotional health of each family member are still crucial despite all the challenges the family has to face today.

The landscape of family life in our communities is complicated and riddled with difficulties that leave us with no simple answers or solutions. Placing judgment on the mistakes made within families will not make the problem go away. Equally, we can’t afford to give up on a family no matter what state it’s in!


Who Needs FamilyWorks?

Here are a few examples of why we must find effective ways to support families:

  • Right now in every school there are teachers and administrators who are hoping the families of their students will be strong enough to help with the daunting task of educating their children.
  • At this moment there are couples out there who are sitting on the edge of divorce, who really don’t want to, but feel powerless to prevent it.
  • Somewhere there is a single parent, mother or father, who is yelling at their kids because they’re exasperated by their children’s rebellion. They feel isolated, and alone as they desperately try to change their circumstance.
  • There are marriages doing well but still want to be intentional about investing their time in learning more effective ways to communicate, evaluate their relationship, and connect with their spouse in order to prevent serious issues from developing.

Who will make an effort to walk through life with these families? Who will meet these families right where they are; look them in eyes, and say, “I believe in you!”? Who will believe families are the greatest asset a community has?



Who will?

FamilyWorks will!