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An Introduction to FamilyWorks! Ministries


FamilyWorks was born out of a deep love and concern for families. Its founding desire has been to minister to families with the love of Christ to equip them with tools that empower them to flourish in their personal relationships.

With that in mind, there is a common story of breakdown in many families that negatively impacts their personal relationships. Some of the most concerning narratives are stories of divorce, domestic violence, and child abuse. In many of those stories the most quotable line is, “I didn’t see this coming!”

Instead of reacting to the story of breakdown that we hear too often, what if we changed the story altogether? What if the most common story about our personal relationships wasn’t about breakdown, but it was about BREAKTHROUGH! In the story breakthrough, people will see it coming and know how to take action.

In order to change the story in the development of personal relationships we are inviting families and young people to engage in a process that helps them learn how to live with purpose and lead with vision. It is a reflective process we call, learning to “Listen Well!” People who learn how to “Listen Well”  discover the value of slowing down long enough to focus on the direction their relationships are going. They develop the skill of how to find and examine the influential factors that are impacting their effort to have healthy relationships with each other. In addition, the process of learning to “Listen Well” empowers people to create effective personal breakthrough plans that produce significant, strategic, and sustainable outcomes in their lives.
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