Strong Families

Family Works exists to make the families in North and Northeast Portland stronger families.
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Risk to Resilience

All of us know that family is an incredible gift, and yet understand there are many risks that threaten the relationships within families. We exist to diminish those risks and build resilience into each family. Read More>

Our Programs

FamilyWorks offers a multitude of avenues through its programs to engage families. Learn More>

Program Highlights

FamilyWorks! Ministries is a faith-based organization whose mission is to Walk in Partnership with families in order to Encourage, Equip, and Empower them in their relationships with each other.

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What People Think of Family Works

My wife & I received some very useful information regarding our communication with one another. We really looked at how much we were actually holding back, [hiding] our honest feelings of what hurts or irritates us…

“We sought out LOJ as a means to provide my son with a mentorship group that is both inline with our family values and could edify him as he grows into a faithful young man. Since getting involved I have seen much personal growth in my son.”

I’ve learned that it takes more than physical strength and looks to be a man. Lots of male adults think they are men, but yet, they don’t have the kind of characteristics that make them good fathers and husbands.

I am so grateful that FamilyWorks exists in our community to help support our family, our children and ultimately our community by offering training, programs and a social network. Thank you!

You Can Help Fund FamilyWorks

We want to make it easy for anyone to help us Grow Stronger Families. Check out some of the different ways listed below where you can support families!

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